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What is an End of Life Doula?

Death is probably the most human process we have.  It is a rite of passage that none of us can evade.  It rarely comes at a convenient time and most people feel wholly unprepared to face it.  It can be a messy process, waves of emotion crash upon our very foundation, there may be fear, anger, disappointment;  there is also love, beauty and much more.  Both the dying and the family are faced with the question of what happens to us after death?  There is a stripping away process as our roles and identities are shed.  Who are we without them?  Questions emerge: have I been loving?  Where have I missed the mark?  Is there anyone I need to forgive or ask forgiveness from? How does love and forgiveness, in turn, blossom out into the universe?


It is in our vulnerability that we find a power we didn’t know existed.  The vulnerability is a gateway to seeing what is true.  We become more transparent.  The whole dying process is a paradox – we transform.  You do not have to walk alone.


As an End Of Life Doula, I journey with the dying as they intuitively engage with and explore the mysterious process of the soul’s unfolding before, during, and after death.  I do this in a myriad of ways: guiding the person through life review work; presence and deep listening; assistance in the creation of a legacy project; assistance in the creation of a vigil plan; and in walking with and aiding the dying, as well as their loved ones, as they begin to move through the inevitable grief.​

**Doulas are non-medical professionals and DO NOT take the place of medical or hospice care.





Packages are tailored to each client based on where the person is in the dying process, and the amount of support the family/caregivers need during the dying process.


Initial Consultation - free

One hour consultation to meet and see how I can support you and your family on this journey.


Pre-Active Stage -  $85/hr 

  • end of life planning

  • vigil planning

  • legacy work

  • life review

  • relaxation and breathing techniques

  • ritual and ceremony creation

  • therapeutic treatments designed to soothe tension and bring comfort.


*Block of six sessions paid upfront $425 ($85 discount)



End of Life Vigil

 This is for you if you want someone present to lovingly tend to your emotional and spiritual needs, hold space for the dying process, and to ensure everyone in your circle of support is as prepared and included as possible as you transition from physical life into the mystery of what’s next.


I offer a safe space to gently explore whatever challenges may arise and seek possibilities for creating sacred space at the bedside for forgiveness, comfort, celebration, storytelling, reflection, laughter, ritual, and meaning.


I advocate for your wishes as written in your vigil plan, help your loved ones recognize the signs of decline as you get closer to death, model important ways to meaningfully communicate with you throughout the dying process, and am present as you transition if desired.  I encourage those closest to you to practice compassionate self-care in order to help them stay present during your transition.  Depending on your individual situation during the active stage of dying and through death, I have different packages.


Each package includes:

  • 24-hour on-call support.

  • Daily supportive care visit hours as indicated per package – hours all at once or broken into shifts to offer the best support.

  • Guided meditation for the dying as well as their caregivers, if needed.

  • Initiate vigil plan.

  • Anticipatory grief work with family and/or caregivers.

  • 3-6 weeks after the death, I will meet with the loved ones to reprocess the experience and provide beginning grief support.


Bedside Care Package A is best for the individual with a large support system that may need minimal guidance, emotional and spiritual support, or extra presence.


5 days @ 2 hours per day - $995 


Bedside Care Package B is best suited for individuals with a dedicated support system but who may need or want more guidance, emotional and spiritual support, extra presence, and some caregiver respite.


5 days@ 4 hours per day - $1,995


Bedside Care Package C is best suited for individuals looking for extensive guidance, emotional and spiritual support, extra presence, and caregiver respite.


5 days @ 6 hours per day - $2,995



Shamanic Death Rites - free



Payments are accepted on PayPal, Venmo, or by check. I offer a limited amount of pro-bono work.

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