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Shamanic Energy Medicine


Shamanic energy medicine is an ancient form of healing that discovers the spiritual cause creating disharmony within a person as they relate to other people and to the world around them. This disruption can affect and influence an individual’s life in many ways such as illness, soul loss, trouble with relationships, prey to misery and depression, fear, career instability, feelings of uselessness, and/or the ability to live one’s life with passion and purpose.  It discovers what is in the unconscious that is creating challenges such as attachments to the past, traumatic experiences, holding on to limiting beliefs, hurts, guilt, fears, or regrets.   Shamanic energy medicine deals with the vital energy body, also known as the luminous energy body which holds the blueprints for our physical bodies.  Healing at the energetic level should accompany the healing of the physical and mental levels.


**Shamanic Energy Medicine is not psychotherapy, counseling, or a medical cure.


Sessions may include:


  • Energetic Balancing – the basic healing process for clearing toxic imprints in an individual’s energy field in order to initiate healing in the body and mind.

  • Soul Retrieval – deep healing work that restores wholeness.  Sometimes parts of our soul are blocked as a protective measure to reduce the pain of traumatic events such as abuse, divorce, war, illness, death of a loved one, ad infinitum.  It is important to note that traumatic events may be fancied or real, both have the power to impact our energy field.

  • Cord Cutting – Releasing of toxic attachments that keep an individual stuck.

  • Destiny Retrieval – Through journeying, I accompany an individual as they remember their true passion or awaken their sacred purpose.


Distance healing sessions are available anywhere in the world via zoom or telephone.  There is no difference in the effectiveness of a distance session versus an in-person session.



$85 a Session 

3 Sessions paid upfront $215 (discount of $40)


Student rates are available.

I recommend you have one session, if you connect to the work, then make a commitment to 3 more sessions.  A session every week or every other week for 3 to 4 sessions offers a deep process of healing, allowing us to get to the core issues as the layers unfold, and invites deep transformation.






  • Death Rites - The Shaman believes that on the other side of life there’s only life; that death is simply a doorway through which each of us must pass on our journey home. Energetically, I companion and guide the individual’s spirit across the threshold to the loved ones waiting to bring your soul home. (includes 7 chakra illumination and decoupling before passing & the actual death rites after passing). - FREE



  • Rites of Passage Ceremonies - Ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person's life, such as birth, puberty, marriage, having children, and death. Rites of passage usually involve ritual activities and teachings designed to strip individuals of their original roles and prepare them for new roles. – price based on ceremony



  • Despacho Ceremonies - A despacho is a prayer bundle or offering. For hundreds of years, the Laika (high shamans or wisdom keepers of the Q’ero lineage of Peru) have used the despacho ceremony for a wide variety of occasions – births, deaths, as an expression of gratitude, to heal physical and emotional ailments, to restore balance and harmony, or when there is a specific request of the spirit world.  Similar to a mandala, the despacho holds symbolic elements and the prayers of the participants. As the elements are added to the despacho, the vibration of the participants and the room rises. The despacho becomes a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing. – price varies based on the extensiveness of despacho




Payments are accepted on PayPal, Venmo, or by check. 

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