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What is Spiritual Direction?


Spiritual Direction is an adventure into the Great Mystery.  I accompany and witness the seeker as they embark on their very personal journey to deepen and cultivate their relationship with the Divine. Stories are shared about their spiritual encounters.  Frustrations may be explored about where the heck God is in life.  I listen and ask questions to assist the seeker in their process of reflection and spiritual growth. Conversations may explore the seeker’s existential ponderings, their mystical experiences or just holding safe space for the seeker to talk about their interior life in all its complexity and unfolding beauty.  I offer interfaith and interspiritual spiritual direction.  Whether you are coming to me steeped in a particular faith or none at all, my approach is one of curiosity and compassionate non-judgment. 


**Spiritual direction is not psychotherapy or counseling.


What to expect:


We’ll begin with lighting a candle as a symbol of bringing in the Light.  This is followed by centering ourselves and becoming anchored in the present moment in whichever manner you’d prefer – silence, a short reading, a breathing exercise, meditation, or prayer.


As the session progresses, we may walk in silence or in dialogue, in contented times or tumultuous times.  I will walk alongside you on your spiritual journey in presence and deep listening.  Our conversations will be directed by what you wish to explore.  At times I may give encouragement, hope, or even a bit of gentle nudging.


Our time together typically ends the way we began - gently transitioning back into everyday life through silence, prayer, a reading, or a meditation.  Between sessions, you are encouraged to participate in spiritual practices that draw you toward the Divine and to pay attention to the presence of the Sacred around and within you. 


When we enter sacred space, I may offer the following invitations:


  • Exploration of the Divine’s presence in your life with respect to Body/Mind/Spirit

  • Development of daily spiritual practices

  • Creation of your spiritual autobiography

  • Exploration of sacred purpose and/or meaningful vocation

  • Meditation – Guided, Active, and/or Silent

  • Shadow Work

  • Finding the extraordinary in the daily ordinary

  • Medicine Wheel – soul work attuned to the season

  • Exploration of archetypes, symbols, and synchronicities

  • Energy Work

  • Rituals and ceremonies

  • Preparation for a personal retreat


Sessions are typically 60 minutes 1x a month. 

Sliding scale $65-$100; simply choose a rate within that range that reflects what you’re able to pay. 

Student rates are available.

Payments are accepted on PayPal, Venmo, or by check.

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