What’s in a name?


A symbol of life and fertility, the cornflower is a wholly medicinal plant whose symbolism dates back to the 4th millennium BC. Later, cornflowers were used to decorate graves as well as accompany the deceased as an aid for reanimation. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance era, the cornflower became a symbol of Mary and Christ.

In France, the cornflower is the symbol of memory for, and solidarity with, veterans, victims of war, widows, and orphans as it continues to grow in devastated lands. These flowers were often the only visible evidence of life and the only sign of color in the mud of the trenches.

Illumination is a Shamanic term for energy balancing. But, the meaning of the word goes much deeper and broader in spectrum as it brings light to the murkiness in whatever form that takes.


Both the image of a cornflower as well as its name, before unknown to me, came to me in meditation.

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